My No Longer A Secret Spending Problem

I hate to admit it but it’s the truth. I have a big spending problem. Is it getting better? Yes, but I have gone through a lot of money to learn that I need to stop. I had a huge savings account. It was supposed to save me in tough times, unfortunately due to my […]

I Am The Plague

People avoid me like the plague. Why? You give me no chance to progress and make myself better. No chance to improve my communication skills. No chance to show you how much I can care about you. No chance to redeem myself from my past mistakes. No chance to see me triumph through hard times. […]

Suicide: An Intentional Collision

It’s true, I haven’t written and posted anything in a while. What happened? How do I put this, it was a build up of events, a slow buildup. I just let it happen, I wouldn’t open myself up to anyone, and that’s what I needed to do the most, I needed to reach out. It […]