Closed Eye Hallucinations

We all know what hallucinations are. Is that a T-Rex guarding the refrigerator? No no, we aren’t talking about those types of hallucinations. We’re talking about closed eye hallucinations. Those hallucinations you get when you close your eyes and you’re supposed to see, yeah, nothing.

You see, when I close my eyes, I see pictures flash across my eyelids, which oddly enough I always thought was normal. I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal up until this year, yes we’re talking this year, 2017. I’m 20 years old. How did I find out? Well, I was browsing through some YouTube videos and came across one titled “How to Induce Closed Eye Hallucinations”. I thought: Huh that’s weird, why would anyone need to induce them, they happen all of the time? So out of curiosity I clicked on the video. This guy starts out by introducing himself and talking about how if you’ve never had closed eye hallucinations before then this is going to be an “experience”.

Now keep in mind at this point I’m not even paying attention to the video. I’m in disbelief that people don’t have closed eye hallucinations on a daily basis. I have them every time I close my eyes. I can close my eyes right this second and tell you everything I see: tennis balls, revolving doors, train tunnel, a can of sugar, five dollar bills, a fish with a man’s face. Yeah, weird.

I see the most random things and I don’t think I will ever figure out why. To me, most of the time having closed eye hallucinations is pretty annoying. Every time I blink I see a picture flash across my eyelids and it doesn’t drive me crazy, but it is fairly annoying.

Nighttime is when the hallucinations get kind of creepy. I used to be afraid of them but now I’m used to them. They tend to be creepy images that “stick” to my eyelids, if that makes any sense whatsoever. Most of the time the stills are of people with their eyes ripped out, with blood leaking down their eye sockets. They happen so often now that I just block it out and ignore it.

I find that listening to music while I try to fall asleep helps. Soothing music to be more specific. Anything like rock or pop will just make the closed eye hallucinations worse, at least for me personally that’s what I’ve found. A TV on low volume for background noise also helps. I usually sleep with a night light on every night for personal comfort. It doesn’t help to get rid of the closed eye hallucinations but it helps soothe the mind.

The reason I say this is for advice to anyone who may have these closed eye hallucinations. The point of this blog is not only to talk about my life experience but also to help others who may be going through the same thing. If you happen to have closed eye hallucinations on a regular basis, so far I have found no real way to get rid of them. If I find a way I will definitely post an update, or if you yourself have a solution please feel free to post your solution!

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