What does the tagline mean?

Insanity is only visible until you yourself become insane.

You’re probably asking what the hell that even means. You can only see insanity when you’re not insane? From what I’ve found, this statement is usually true, even if on the surface it seems like it doesn’t make much sense.

Ask yourself this question right now: Are you insane? You can probably answer this question pretty easily. There are 3 possible answers to this question:

  1. “Hell no, I’m perfectly sane.” – Probably the most common answer. Although, the thing is anyone can say that they’re sane, but are they really? I mean can you ever really know if you’re insane or not? You have no sanity, therefore how are you supposed to know what you are doing is not normal.
  2. “There is no doubt in my mind, I’m insane” – This becomes complicated. If you know you’re insane, are you really actually insane? I mean you may think you are but at the end of the day you -know- that there is something wrong going on in your head. I feel that as if to reach the status of true insanity, that you are not aware of your insanity. You are too far gone to realize that what you are doing is not normal.
  3. “Honestly, I’m just not sure.” – This is where I’m at. I’m just not sure. Am I insane? Well, based on my I don’t know what to call it, theory I suppose, I am not insane. I am aware that there is something not right with me. So now I ask the question: Am I becoming insane? I think I know the answer to that question, and the answer is yes. Yes, I am becoming insane, I can feel it rapidly eating away at me. Every day I feel less and less sane. Out of all three of these answers, I find this one to be the scariest.

I could go on and on about insanity, but I will keep it short and to the point as that is what I like to do. To sum it up, the tagline may not be confirmed as true, but it is what I strongly believe based on personal experience.

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